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The Difference between Wrinkle Creams and Wrinkle Serums

There are many people who are willing to bear the cost of remaining youthful and maintaining a smooth skin. This is despite the fact that wrinkled skin comes when one starts aging, which is an irreversible natural process. In the market today, there are varying products made available for those harboring the idea of enhancing their skins appearance. These are provided inform of wrinkle creams, pills and serums which are enhanced with nutrients and chemicals to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Treatment options available for ridding the skin of wrinkles are many. These are used depending on a variety of issues which the patient requires to consider. These include the skin type, the extent of the wrinkles and the overall body health. Cost and time require to achieve the desired treatment may also form a basis for consideration. In this regard, exercises, diet and anti aging cream have been used for this purpose. The treatment can be sourced from medical facilities where a dermatologist is available for consultation. Exercises and diets are simple home practices which can be designed and carried out at home effectively. Over the counter wrinkle creams and pills are also available which can be used for this purpose.

Wrinkle serums are also made from various nutrients and chemicals necessary for enhancing a better and smooth skin. These serums are available from medical facilities as well as drug stores. Unlike the wrinkle creams, serums require prescription from qualified personnel. This is for the fact that serums are made from animal products and in most cases are applied through medical injection. The application for creams is much easier which requires application by hand over the required areas.


When injected into the body, serums will normally absorb into the blood system and the inner layers of the skin much faster. This is unlike the creams which when applied will require being absorbed by the skin. The reaction of wrinkle creams on the skin varies depending on the chemical composition of the cream. This mean that serums will work much faster and as well yields results faster when compared to the creams.

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Wrinkle creams are available in many varieties from different manufactures. They are also inflated with many fake products which produced no results when used and other with disastrous side effects. This may be attributed to the ease in production of the creams. The process of producing serums is more complicated leaving the players in the field quite few. This makes the serum products more effective for the reason that almost each and every product in the market is an original product which is deemed to produce the desired results.


When seeking the best creams and serums for treatment of wrinkle, it is important to seek information regarding the product composition. This is essential in ensuring that the product sought delivers the required results with no repercussions. To choose between the cream and the serum it may be essential to consult with a doctor who will help ascertain the right product.

Sunscreen for Anti-Aging

Aging is a natural process where one cannot dictate. However, certain lifestyles and living condition may make one to look old in their prime years. For the aged also it is important to look and maintain a youthful face which in effect means it is much healthier. For this purpose anti aging skin products and protective models and enhancements can be used for a better and softer skin appearance. These are available in varying models which includes use of skin care products, clinical operations and application of various lifestyles.

The sun is known to be an aggravating factor in development of wrinkles as one is aging. This is through direct exposure to excess and strong direct rays of the sun. Mid day sun which appears in the hours between 10 in the morning to 2.00 pm is considered to have the highest ultra violent rays which are harmful to the skin. It quickly dehydrates the skin and as well kills many important skin cells. As an ideal anti aging skin care model use of sun screen is essential. This will shield the skin from direct rays of the sun which might otherwise be harmful.

Sunscreen for Anti-Aging

According to various dermatologists, over 70% of the aging signs on the skin results from ultra violet rays. This means that protecting the skin from the sun effects will effectively reduce the aging process by up to 70%. In consideration to this perspective the anti aging products available are enhanced with appropriate moisturizer and other natural components that shield the skin from the direct effects of the radiation. These sun protective products are referred to as sunscreens.

Sunscreen are available in various forms which can be applied, worn or placed above the skin to prevent the ultra violet rays of the sun from reaching the body. The most common products used as sun screen includes lotions, creams, gels and sprays which are applied to the skin. Slave and stick which are applied to the lips and eyelids and moisteners rubbed against the skin, certain sun protection clothing e.g. the sun hats, sunglasses that are worn to the eyes, and film screens fixed to the windows on cars or offices. All these are applicable as protective devices which form part of anti aging cream.

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There are various options which do not require the use of anti aging skin care. These are essential when used to supplement the other products to enhance a better and fast reaction of the products. Regular exercises increase the body’s metabolic rates thereby increasing the production of the necessary body nutrients which are essential for skin formation. These can also be achieved through embarking on an essential diet which increases the body performance and as well enhancing the production of skin cells. They are also configured to increase the metabolic rates which increases the perspiration and exfoliation on the skin leaving the skin flesh and younger.

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Information on various anti aging skin care products available I the market is available from various sources. This can be sources from medical facilities as well as from cosmetologists.

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